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Democratic Sound


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A small numbered work of art
A democratic audio system within everyone’s reach for our Citroën ID and DS.
Not an object for hi-fi purists, nostalgics or Taliban, but for those who believe that “She” is still contemporary.
Simply: a tool to listen to our soundtrack and immerse ourselves in a total sensory experience at the wheel of the Goddess!

Good quality

The radio for your Citroen ID or DS

Good sound

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is a registered trademark ®


the passion fruit …

It is the passions that lead to the creation of what we desire. Creativity sets us free.

“born in Turin”

Designed and produced in Italy, but ready for the streets of the world …

From SPRING 2022, new collection …

New DSound Classique models for DS / ID dashboards from 62-68 and 69-75

Here are the 2 DSound Classique versions for DS / ID from 62 to 75, with aluminum detail inspired by certain Citroën dashboards and uprights, both manual and remote control functions, 50 + 50w amplifier, BT, USB, SD, FM.

DSound revamps graphics and becomes Original and Classique collection 22-23

Here are the 2 DSound versions with new graphics for DS/ID 69 to 75, ON/OFF button, both manual and remote control functions, 50+50w amplifier, BT, USB, SD, FM.

Who says you must always sell your skin dearly?

We created the DSound Pallas with leather detail inspired by the Citroën DS Pallas armchairs, but at the same price as always! Find out about it in the News or on the Models page.

Remote controller

  • All DSound functions can be performed manually or with a remote control.
  • We provide all customers with a free magnetized remote control to be placed anywhere on the dashboard (2 models depending on availability).


  • USB socket
  • SD socket
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Jack socket


We pack with care and use the most reliable couriers to guarantee you that DSound arrive early and intact …

  • Italy and Islands: € 10.00 (optional insurance + € 10.00).
  • Europe: € 20.00 (optional insurance + € 20.00). Non-EU countries (+ €10.00).
  • World: to be defined according to locality.

Mobile phone

  • You can use your mobile phone in Bluetooth mode or with the cable.
  • You can listen to your music.
  • Hear the voice of the caller from the speakers and answer the phone.
  • Using your phone as a navigator, the music will automatically turn down and you will hear the directions from the speakers, and then resume.
  • In case of emergency you can also recharge it.


We recommend 2 speakers 4 Ohm, minimum 20 Watts RMS to reach max 50 Watts RMS (I have mounted more powerful speakers, but at my own risk). If you want to put 4 speakers must be installed in line, for any doubt we will give you technical assistance.

DSound is an artisanal product

Each appliance is checked and tested before being shipped.
Data sheet.

  • Supported formats: FLAC WAV WMA MP3 APE
  • 4.0 version of the Bluetooth chip
  • Special Android APK software for the control reader and other operations
  • Push Bluetooth: Can scan the music and can be saved in the mobile phone via Bluetooth transferred to the player
  • The phone can play the music files in the U disk / SD card inserted in the code. Card and display work easily
  • Radio function, can directly control automatic detection, manual frequency selection
  • Audio input function, can control the AUX signal input of the transmission function
  • 7 EQ segments can be adjusted, 7 sound effects for choice
  • with an AED sound and functions to select a virtual low boat.
  • Record function: long press key to set recording in AUX state, the premise is to insert a U disk or SD card or long press the play button to select recording.
  • Specifications: PCM Word, length: 16 bits,
  • Bluetooth: Yes WIFI: NPCM,
  • sampling rates: 44.1 kHz
  • Input: USB, input type,
  • format: FLAC / WAV / WMA / MP3 / APEOutput: RCADimensions
  • 12 Volt input power supply
  • Amplifier:
  • CHIP: TPA3116 (with AM interference suppression function) without POP sound, output power 50W + 50W 2 channels with filter;
  • Audio output :
    12 volts 8 ohms 2 x 12 watts rms
    4 ohms 2 x 20 watt rms
    15 volts 8 ohms 2 x 18 watts rms
    4 ohms 2 x 30 watt rms
    19 volts 8 ohms 2 x 30 watts rms
    4 ohms 2 x 40 watt rms
    24 volts 8 ohms 2 x 35 watts rms
    4 ohms 2 x 50 watt rms;
  • Two ways of audio input: user can directly connect with wireless Bluetooth, or choose AUX mode
  • Wide input voltage range: DC 4.5V-27V with Everse connection protection, the circuit does not work when the positive and negative poles of the power input are reversed;
  • Protective function: This Amplilifer sound card is designed with reverse protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection.

Each DSound:
before being packed and shipped, it has been checked and tested, accompanied by an instruction booklet which is its identity card, with the technician’s stamp, progressive number and signature.

At your disposal in the after sales!
All DSounds must be installed by professional technicians within 3 months from the date of receipt.
In case of anomalies we will repair or replace them for free. In the absence of an invoice (bearing the date) of the professional or “do-it-yourself” assembly and interventions, all our liability will be forfeited.

GARAGE DSOUND / Upgrade Service:
Today the DSound is definitely more reliable and powerful with the new 50w + 50w amplifier (it was 15w). Being serious in our philosophy (we have always shown this), we always go forward with our research, but not wanting to leave anyone behind, so we have created a Garage Upgrade Service DSound, where our customers with a “democratic price” can also send “older and basic” DSounds and make them updated to the latest version, so new 50w amplifier. You can add any brackets, on / off buttons or toggles, 3D printed frames … etc. Garage Price List (shipping charged at the usual rates): 50W+50W Amplifier € 64.00 / 2 Brackets with Butterfly Screws € 14.00 / Green Display Filter € 9.00 / ON-OFF Toggle or Button Button € 19.00 / Frame built in 3D with chrome film € 25.00 / Internal Voltage Stabilizer Device € 20.00

Very important!
Established that all DSounds must be installed by professional technicians (or any form of warranty is void). Since many ID / DS have voltage peaks much higher than 12V, with the risk of short circuit, it is essential to have the technician install an Automatic Voltage Stabilizer DC-DC 5-32V to 12V 3A (Power Converter Voltage Regulator) . Specify it in the assembly invoice. As of April 25, 2023, all DSounds no longer need the stabilizer because an internal protection is mounted in the device during assembly, so the power of the amplifier is not affected; it is possible to upgrade earlier models with this device (see Garage DSound item).

Satisfied customers are our best references

They chose DSound: Viganò, Libera, Club idéaleds rhône-alpes, Citro-Classique, Club Citroen Corsica, CitroenDS.net, Di Marco…

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