DSound: a project born in 2020 in full Lockdown


In the endless days locked up in our homes, I thought I could put some music in my DS.

I started the search via the internet, excluding vintage radios. Radios too big or too small, however vulgar for the Goddess bridge… really disappointing.

It occurred to me that maybe I could create it myself by assembling more components, but apart from the design that is part of my work, everything that has to do with electronics for me is an unknown universe, on the other hand I am an artist in life.
But the idea of being able to do something for the DS in those days teased me, but I didn’t want to do something “fake something else” or “nostalgic”, something new but not intrusive, but was this effort worth the candle? just for me? No, of course! The idea of building a product for all those who had this problem began to take shape, something “democratic” within everyone’s reach, precisely Democratic Sound!

Something that could accompany our travels, without great speculation from the Taliban of the Hi-FI, something that could be heard discreetly and that covered the noise (because they do) of our loved ones.

I immediately involved an “electronic engineer” friend of mine to get advice and to test all the various candidate components (countless thrown in the trash) with his home laboratory from NASA, in the end we chose all the pieces that seemed the best (strictly bought in Asia, even there I will not let you think about the difficulties and times, not to mention the instructions … which are not there!), However in the end we had the whole puzzle.
In the meantime, I went on with the graphics and designing a “sled” that slid into the small glove compartment.
But as often happens, especially in this “complicated” period, some dreams end and friendships as well, the desire to give up everything.
But… even there DS she ran into problems before she came to light, then my word given, No, I couldn’t let go… it’s not my style!
Let’s start over, “let’s go back to the work done up to this point” trying to understand something, the only good thing is that the components are excellent and have been tested, if only for you and me.
To start again I looked for someone who understood something about electronics to involve… preferring people who had paid dearly for the situation dictated by the pandemic, better work with them who want to do! so here are the “Pippo” (as an outsider) and the “Silvano” who have solved and sometimes solve problems with passion in an ingenious way. Now we are a real and close-knit team.
Now DSound there and it works, we do not have the presumption of having created a “Bose”, but a Democratic object that works … and that accompanies you as a soundtrack, in living your ID or DS! In short, we hope to give you a little dream.